Malibu Surf Gate™
Wakesurf without limits.

Surf Gate™ eliminates the need to roll the hull to one side in order to produce a surfable wave. Instead, with the flip of a switch, the gate extends out on one side or the other to create a long, smooth surf wave almost instantly.

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Changing sides?
No problem.

Surf Gate™ enables riders to switch from wakeboarding to wakesurfing in seconds and to cross the wave and perform previously impossible moves while surfing. With the press of a button, you’ve got plenty more tricks at your disposal.

Oh yeah, it's that good.
See for yourself.

If you are in the Austin, TX area and would like to ride behind the Shred Stixx Malibu LSV, schedule a session at our flagship wakesurf school in the heart of the Texas Hill Country on the shores of Lake Austin.

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“The Malibu LSV and my Shred Stixx wakesurf board have helped take my riding to the next level.”

Vince Costa

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“The wave from the LSV has made it easy for a beginner like me to build up my skills without wasting energy.”

Katherine Palmer

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“Surf Gate allows me to give wakesurf lessons to regular or goofy-footed riders with the flip of a switch.”

Rusty Kotzur

Shred Stixx

Torn between ocean surfing and lake living, Jerry Price developed the first surf board specifically for behind the boat surfing in 1972 and Shred Stixx was born. By 1999, Shred Stixx became the leading developer and manufacturer of premium hand shaped and glassed wakesurf boards and has been driving the progression of the sport since.

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Wakesurf School

Shred Stixx Wakesurf School is dedicated to creating the ultimate wakesurf experience on the planet. Whether you are looking for private instruction from some of the best wakesurfers in the world or looking to plan a relaxing group surf session on the lake, we can provide a truly unique experience.

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Wakesurf Instructional

Shred Stixx Wakesurf Company has teamed up with slayshTank Productions to create the ultimate wakesurf instructional video series. This download includes all eight chapters of the wakesurf instructional series. Download. Learn. Shred.

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slayshTank is dedicated to delivering wakesurfing news, events, contest results, photos, and videos. Their online store is offers a large selection of wakesurf boards and wakesurfing accessories.

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